Symposium in Freiburg, March 6-8, 2005
Train connection Frankfurt - Freiburg

Railway connection between Frankfurt (Main) Airport and Freiburg (Breisgau) Main Station:
You can purchase your train ticket and obtain travel details at the DB Travel Center at the railway station of the airport.
From the railway station in Frankfurt Airport, trains run every hour into the direction of Freiburg (first departure 5.57 am; last departure 8.54 pm).
The train ride takes about 2 hours and 5 min.
Every second hour, trains go directly to Freiburg (departure times: 7.54 am, 9.54 am, 11.54 am, 1.54 pm, 3.54 pm, 5.54 pm, 7.54 pm). For the other train connections, you have to change trains once, typically in Mannheim. We recommend that you ask the DB Travel Center for the details of your train connection (in rare cases, there is a change of schedule).
Looking forward to seeing you in Freiburg soon.
Airport = Flughafen
Main Station = Hauptbahnhof